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Forgot your Snapchat password? Now you can easily get back into your account by using our Snapchat hack. All you will need is either the e-mail address or username of the account. Then once you run the Snapchat hack app or program the password will be retrieved for you. Our hack is simple and effective to use, security features have been implemented to keep your usage anonymous. You can use the hack on iPhone, iPad, ,iPod Touch, Android, and Windows.

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Version 2.00: Windows Major Update

👤 🕔 November 3, 2014 0

In this update we worked on the Windows program of Snaphack.  We never touched it in awhile and we’ve had a lot of reports of bugs in the older versions.  The mobile apps were our first priority, most of the people using the hack are are made up of mobile users.

Probably the most reported and biggest problem was how the program handled proxy rotation and finding new proxies.  Our database of proxies is pretty small but we have just recently acquired new sources to gather lists from.  We’ve also added a new server to handle all these requests to reduce the load and prevent any errors between the software and server.

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